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Meet Our Donors

Longtime UNI Supporter Provides Pathway to Success

Steve Corbin

Joan Duea's passion for helping students will resound for generations through an estate gift to UNI. More




Professor Emeritus Strengthens UNI's Future

Steve Corbin

"Build good relationships and profitable transactions will follow." — Steve Corbin, '70, UNI professor emeritus, advised his students. More



Couple Helps Students Face Future Challenges

Patty Larson and Pete Saunders

Patricia Larson, '70, and Peter Saunders believe today's students are faced with more challenges on a wider range of issues than their own generation. "We believe those challenges come with opportunities for effecting positive change," Patty says. "We are pleased to see that students are accepting those challenges, and that UNI continues to adjust its course offerings to help students explore solutions." More


Young Alumna Sets Example for Giving

Nicki DeGroot

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before. —the Dalai Lama. This quote is one that Nicki DeGroot, '03, loves and lives. More



Alumna Continues to Foster Her Love of UNI

Barb Illian

"My fondest memories of UNI are the fun I had with the people I met in class, young men I dated and, especially, my sorority sisters. We enjoyed dances in the Commons Ballroom and the Men's Gym (who can forget the great band IBTC!), parties, Homecoming float building and football games outside—no Dome." More


Alumna Sets Example With Gift

Carol Glass

A kindergarten teacher for 30 years, Carol Glass, credits the many role models she had as a student teacher at the Lab School, along with her training at Iowa State Teachers College (UNI), for her successful teaching career. More


Alum Continues Family Tradition of Giving

Marty Gilson

"UNI holds a special place in my heart," says Marty Gilson,'73, '76. "Not only did it prepare me for my career, I met my wife, Myral, when I was a junior and she was a sophomore. We married a year later." More


Educator Finds Adventure

Beth Primrose

Education is near and dear to Beth Primrose's heart. The 1966 alumna spent 30 years as a kindergarten teacher before retiring. Her late husband, Dean '63, taught business education for 30 years. More


Couple Extends Loyalty Through UNI Scholarship

Ron and Mary Bro

Ron ('55 B.A., '58 M.A.) and Mary ('54 teaching certificate, '83 B.A.) Bro belong to that special group of UNI alumni who, during their years in Cedar Falls, saw the university's transition from Iowa State Teachers College to State College of Iowa to finally the University of Northern Iowa. However, despite the name changes, the Bros say UNI has always felt like home. More


An Accounting Pioneer

Laura Huisman

Laura Huisman, former director of finance/controller at L-3 Communications, was born with a passion for business. As a child, she often noticed pictures of men heading to work and knew the office was where she belonged. It wasn't until her time at UNI that the 1969 alum realized her career path differed from her female peers and society's expectations. More


Sharing the UNI Experience With the Next Generation

R. Scott Johnson

On a beautiful autumn day last year, R. Scott Johnson returned to the UNI campus for the first time in over five years. He was at UNI to meet the recipient of an endowed scholarship he established for a student from Urbandale High School. More


Supporting the Leaders of Tomorrow

Clarice and Ron Rubek

As he was finishing high school nearly 60 years ago, Ron Rubek had no plans to attend college. A good friend talked Ron into attending college with him. Ron arrived at Iowa State Teachers College and moved into a room in Latham Stadium with four other freshmen. More


Gratitude Sparks Support

Victoria Hanan Roller with scholarship recipient, Mary Kluesner

Growing up in Keokuk, some of Victoria Hanan Roller's favorite teachers, both elementary and secondary, had graduated from Iowa State Teachers College (now UNI). Those teachers' positive and enthusiastic remarks about ISTC made it her choice when selecting an undergraduate college. More


Investing in Little Learners

Dr. Judy Finkelstein and Dr. Beth Van Meeteren

Dr. Judy Finkelstein is a champion for public education—preschool through university. The emeritus faculty member’s career in early childhood education spanned 50 years, and retirement hasn’t stopped her. Judy remains involved with the College of Education and the Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education.   More


Scholarship Donor Encourages Students to Stay Connected


Phyllis Tinker '93 has some advice for students at the University of Northern Iowa: "Get involved—the UNI experience is about so much more than classes," says Phyllis. "Take an active role in student organizations. It is a great way to meet friends and develop leadership and communication skills."   More


One Blessing Inspires Another


"I grew up during the Depression," says Duane Schroeder '56, "I was just happy to be able to attend college." Duane doesn't remember student loans being available at that time, but he did receive a full-ride scholarship. He says, "I felt so blessed to receive a scholarship. I only had to pay a fee of $70 a quarter. I also worked various jobs on campus, and that is what got me through school."   More


Retired Professor's Gift Inspires Students for Years to Come


Photos of successful alumni fill the halls of UNI's School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services (HPELS). Former professor and director of HPELS, Bill Thrall, knows them all. In 1978, HPELS was established to combine men's and women's health, physical education and recreation programs. At the time of the merger, Bill was the head of the Department of Physical Education for Men.    More


A Family Legacy 3 Generations Strong


Shirley Hewlett belongs to a legacy family. Three generations of her family graduated from the University of Northern Iowa and all became teachers. "My husband, Dale, and I both had long teaching careers," says Shirley. "We've continued to take courses to stay up with trends."  More


Gratitude Leaves a Priceless Imprint on Students' Lives


"Some people are the beginning of so much good," Len Froyen says. "They generously see themselves as an offering. They graciously make space for everyone, strangers and friends alike." This quote posted on Froyen's Facebook page, meant to inspire others, drew comments such as: "That's you, Len" and "I see yourself in all of these attributes. We are grateful for you."   More


Make Dreams Come True

Kaiser Smith

"My first day of teaching was a little overwhelming, knowing that I was responsible for teaching all the subjects," says Mary Kaiser Smith '49. Mary had just graduated from college where a different teacher taught every subject. That was 67 years ago. Today, Mary helps future teachers prepare for their first day in the classroom through her gift of scholarship support.   More


A Gift From the Heart

Jessica Moon Asa

"It's a privilege to work with high-achieving students from their first semester at UNI to graduation," says Jessica Moon Asa '98. "College is a time of incredible growth, and I get to see the maturity and focus that develops during the students' time with us. It's gratifying to help them through the honors thesis process as seniors and see the undergraduate research and creative work they are capable of. The quality of their work never ceases to amaze me!"  More


A Gift of Real Estate Provides Flexibility


Meeting with Susan Moore you get the distinct feeling that she loves her job. Susan has spent her career classifying books and resources so library patrons can find what they need.  More


40 Years of Giving Leaves a Lasting Impact

Jackson Baty

Professor Jackson Baty ’68 M.A. retired in 1987 and definitely left a significant and lasting impact on the University of Northern Iowa and our students. His work with UNI Greek activities and his assistance with the Northern Iowan student newspaper are highly praised.  More


Inspired Giving

Edra Bogle

When someone asks me why I'm leaving my estate to UNI, I tell them how I came to love literature and music.  More


A Lesson in Giving


Every year when I edit the Pi Tau Phi sorority newsletter, I'm reminded of my college days at Iowa State Teachers College (now University of Northern Iowa). I've helped coordinate two sorority reunions during the past 10 years and we'll be gathering again in September during the Golden Graduate Reunion weekend festivities.  More


When Did You Create Your Estate Plan?

Marshall Blaine

After the birth of their first child, Marshall and his wife, Theresa, created their will and included a plan that would take care of their children and honor their values through charitable gifts.  More


We Love Young People

Mel and Vi Reimer

When Mel Reimer arrived at Iowa State Teacher’s College (ISTC) in 1946, he didn’t expect to meet his future wife.  More


Saying Thanks

David and Lois Kail

David ’74 and Lois ’73 Kail can list several professors who have made an impact on their lives. Among them are the late Wanda and Carl Wehner.  More


‘At the Heart of What I Care About’

Kathy Green

A perfect day for Kathy Green ’72, ’89 is a day where she is productive, has done something for someone else and has been active outside.  More


In Sammie's Memory


Cupid's arrow struck Eunice Prange and Sammie Dell at a Sadie Hawkins dance held in the Commons at UNI. They walked down the aisle in 1971 and were married for 25 years until Sammie's death in 1997.  More


What Are You Teaching Your Kids?


Pauline Barrett's passion for philanthropy goes back to her childhood. She says her parents mentored her in a caring attitude to support those in need. That attitude has followed her through life, benefiting countless people, including students at the University of Northern Iowa.  More


What Is Your Philanthropic Personality?


In Women, Wealth & Giving, authors Margaret May Damen and Niki Nicastro McCuistion describe four types of philanthropic personalities: Rose, Daisy, Carnation and Lily. "Rose" women make up a significant number of leading-edge boomers.  More


From One Broke Student to Another

Confidence Stimpson

"There was something magic and life-changing about the first time I saw my words set in type," says Confidence Stimpson '62. Confidence is referring to her stint as writer for the College Eye newspaper at State College of Iowa (now University of Northern Iowa).  More


Betty Hyde MILE Scholarship Helps Minority Students

Betty Hyde

Betty Evans Hyde grew up in Missouri at a time when African-Americans were not allowed to attend state teacher colleges. Determined to continue her education, she saved her money and researched colleges to find one that would admit her and permit her to live in the dorms. In 1949, she enrolled at Iowa State Teachers College (now University of Northern Iowa) in Cedar Falls.  More


A Knack for Giving Back

Roberta Yoder

Giving back is nothing new for Roberta Yoder B.A. '71 English. Her penchant for philanthropy became evident while a student at the University of Northern Iowa.  More


Robert O. Wise's Legacy Lights Up Broadway for UNI Theatre Students

Robert O'Wise

Since 2006, the UNI theatre department has benefited from Robert O. Wise's thoughtful planning. Through his will, Robert made a bequest that established the Robert O. Wise Broadway Tour Endowment and the Robert O. Wise Fund for Theatre Excellence.  More


Helping Students Get a Good Start-Floyds Pass on Their Passion for Teaching to the Next Generation

gary floyd

Gary '62 and Myrna '63 Floyd were science education majors who met on campus. With the Class of 1962 50th reunion coming up on May 3-5, 2012, they couldn't help but reflect on their time at UNI. The couple credits their undergraduate years at UNI for launching them on a lifelong quest of learning and discovery, as well as a passion for teaching.  More


Guang Jin Achieves Dreams and Makes Them Come True

Guang Jin

Guang Jin imagined herself working in the world of industry and chose the only university in the nation that offered a doctorate degree in industrial technology.  More


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